“the love box conversations” is An experimental documentary about love and love after love.
it was filmed in paris in the summer of 2011 with an iphone 4 and “the love box video mixer".
"THE LOVE BOX" is an experimental documentary produced by Honest&Smile and directed by Ignasi Giró. We recorded 8 conversations using "THE LOVE BOX Video Mixer for iPhone 4", a unique device created to film two sides talks in one single iPhone's shot. Talks among lovers, friends, ex lovers, future lovers... all of them trying to unveil the secrets of love - and love after love. The documentary was entirely recorded in Paris. It is now beeing edited and will soon be finished, so keep checking this website for further news about it!

ELEMOTIONS: the 1st partner :-)
Elemotions.com and Antonio Morales (founder of this design firm based in Paris) were our first partners in this adventure. Antonio helped us to create the first prototype of THE LOVE BOX VIDEO MIXER, and if the documentary was finally recorded with it it is thanks to his support. If you happen to be in Paris, don't hesitate visiting their workshop in Rue Vertbois, 62 and check out the wonderful SPUTNIK table. You will love it! (and you can also have a look at the first prototype of THE LOVE BOX Video Mixer :)
This is one of the first questions we were asking. Other questions were:
Can you remember your first love?
Could you define love?
The most relevant thing you've learnt from loving?
What happens with love... after love?
The most painful moment?
And the most beautiful?
Is there anything left for you to learn about love?
Some tips to find happiness through love?

The documentary will be finished very soon, and you will know the answers we recieved...
Yep, the product is finished, and you can buy it online.Truth to be told, it's taken a while and it hasn't been easy... It has evolved a lot from the first prototype we used to record the film. Actually, it's kind of better :-)

Check it here.
This documentary has been possible thanks to Antonio, Erik, Mireia, Fred, Frederick, Marc, Giselle, Johana, Raúl, Guillome, Idoia, Fran, Ber, all the Cafés in Paris that allowed us to film, the nice guy from Vietnam that helped us findind the correct mirror, Minelle from the Vieux Belleville... and some others we can't recall right now but did certainly help us during the 28 days we spent in Paris recording conversations about love.
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Honest&Smile is a New Advertising Agency based in Barcelona. We create engaging and seductive products, brands and stories for a new generation of people that expects brands to be honest and smile.
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